Explore Your Child’s Tactile and Fine Motor Development at CMHS Baby & Me Class

Did you know your baby develops from the center outward?

Observing the development of your baby’s tactile skills and smaller muscle control is fascinating!  This stage of development centers on fine motor skills such as the baby’s ability to use his or her fingers and thumb together to pick up an object.  Beware, though: Once a baby is able to get things into their little hands, everything goes into their mouths!

To learn more about tactile development and the ways babies use these skills, new parents are invited to attend Baby & Me: Tactile and Fine Motor Development at the Community Memorial Health System New Parent Resource Center on Tuesday March 12th, from 10:00 am – 11:30 am.  This class is one in a six-week series designed for parents and their babies to attend together.  Participants can attend individual classes, or sign-up for the whole series!

Highlights of Baby & Me: Tactile and Fine Motor Development

  • Explore and identify tactile development and offer interactive activities for parents.
  • Learn the general patterns of infant sleep as well as safety recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding the safest ways for babies to sleep.  Learn why babies wake up at night in the beginning of their life, how their sleep changes as they grow, and how to manage sleep issues.
  • Become informed about choking and learn how to react if you baby is choking on an object in his or her mouth.

Did you know:  You baby develops from the center outward!  For example, when it comes to arm and hand movements, the first thing babies move is their arms but they can’t control their hand movements yet.  Their first grasping motions as infants are only a reflex.  Babies go from moving their arms wildly to finally using their thumb and fingers together as a tool to grasp objects.

Baby & Me classes are held on Tuesdays from 10:00 am – 11:30 am.  Moms who deliver at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura are invited to attend one class for free!  CLICK HERE for class dates, times, location and fee information.

In addition to weekly Baby & Me classes, Community Memorial Health System’s New Parent Resource Center offers an infant choking and infant CPR class called Friends & Family CPR.  This class is just $25 per person and is a great class for new parents,  grandparents, and your baby’s caregivers.  Learn how to make your child’s environment safe, how to prevent the most common childhood accidents, and infant/child CPR and choking techniques.  Reservations are required for this class.  CLICK HERE to learn more!

For questions about any of the education and support resources available at the New Parent Resource Center, email newparentresourcecenter@cmhshealth.org or call 805-658-BABY (2229).