Upcoming Baby & Me Class to Highlight Social Development

Did you know babies are ready to socialize from the time they are born?

Did you know infants are ready to interact from the time they are born?  Babies are social creatures, just like adults.  Even though babies don’t talk, they still benefit from interacting and “socializing” with others!

Verbal communication is only one type of communication, and your baby connects with you in many other ways.  Community Memorial Health System’s upcoming Baby & Me: Social Development class on Tuesday February 19th at 10:00am will explore the many ways your baby communicates with you and learns to socialize.  The class helps parents understand the individual characteristics and unique temperaments of babies, while also exploring how to develop the back-and-forth of conversation.  The issues of crying and calming a fussy baby are also discussed.

New parents may attend just this installment of Baby & Me or enroll in the entire six-week Baby & Me series.

Highlights of Social Development:

  • Discover the many ways infants are socializing with us right from the womb.
  • Learn to recognize important signs of interaction so they don’t become missed opportunities to engage and get to know your baby.
  • Learn about infant crying and typical patterns of crying and fussiness.
  • Discover how infants regulate their emotions.

The CMHS New Parent Resource Center hosts Baby & Me classes every Tuesday from 10:00 am – 11:30 am.  Moms who deliver at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura are invited to attend one class for free! CLICK HERE for class location, additional topics, and fees.  For questions, email newparentresourcecenter@cmhshealth.org or call the New Parent Resource Center at 805.658.2229!