2nd Quarter DAISY Award Winner Announced at Ojai Valley Community Hospital

CMHS Chief Nursing Officer Cindy Fahey (left) presents Julianne Jelinski, RN with the DAISY Award for outstanding nursing care.

Community Memorial Health System is proud to announce our 2018 2nd quarter DAISY Award honoree – Julianne Jelinski, RN!

Created in 1999, the DAISY Award is a very special recognition that honors extraordinary nurses who demonstrate clinical expertise, provide skillful, compassionate care, and go above and beyond for patients and family members.

Julianne Jelinski, RN, joined the Community Memorial Health System (CMHS) family about five years ago.  She currently works at Ojai Valley Community Hospital in the Med-Surge and Intensive Care Units, and received multiple nominations for the DAISY Award from patients she cared for as well as their family members.

“My mother has received stellar nursing care from Julianne,” noted one family member.  “Her kind and caring energy are one of her strongest characteristics, and she answered all of our questions about my mother’s lab results and vital signs.  I feel that compassion and an obvious love for nursing make Julianne a standout as a registered nurse!”

One of Julianne’s Med-Surge patients specifically mentioned how helpful and attentive she was in caring for him during his stay at OVCH.  “Julianne easily interfaced with our friends, as well as a social worker who was trying to help me find the next step in my care,” recalled the patient.  “She went out of her way to call and get clarification on resources and decisions made on my behalf.”

Julianne was recently honored by health system leadership, physicians, and her peers with an award presentation at Ojai Valley Community Hospital.  Please join us in congratulating her on this incredible achievement and thanking her for her service to our patients!

If you would like to nominate an extraordinary nurse from Community Memorial Health System for providing exemplary care, please visit our DAISY Award nomination page.