Infant Intellectual Development Highlighted at “Baby & Me” Class, June 12th

The next subject covered in our six-week, ongoing Baby & Me class series is how infants develop intellectually.  The goal for this class is to help parents understand some of the discoveries of infancy and how to encourage those discoveries!

Did you know your child learns by exploring the real world around them?

This topic will be featured at the Baby & Me class on June 12.  New parents are welcome to attend this class only, or sign up for the entire six-week Baby & Me series.

Highlights of Infant Intellectual Development:

  • Explore how babies learn and the importance of a secure attachment to certain people for brain development.
  • Review of expert recommendations for screen time (television, iPhone, iPad, etc.) for children 6 and younger.

Did you know your child learns from their explorations in the real world?  Babies actually use their body and senses and learn by exploring – something they can’t get just from looking at a screen.

Your child learns the most from verbal conversations and participating in activities with you!

Your child also learns the most from parents or primary caregivers through verbal conversations and participating in activities with you.  A feeling of being loved also increases brain development in the baby.  “When parents or adults are the child’s ambassadors to learning and the child is able to be securely attached, this promotes brain development,” says Sheila Dedrick, a Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and manager of Community Memorial Health System’s New Parent Resource Center.

Baby & Me classes are held on Tuesdays from 10-11:30 a.m. at the CMHS New Parent Resource Center.  Moms who deliver at CMH may attend one class for free.  CLICK HERE for class dates, times, location information, and fees.  For questions, email or call the New Parent Resource Center at 805-658-BABY (2229).