Upcoming “Baby & Me” Class to Explore Baby’s Communication Development

The goal for the Baby & Me Communication Development class is to help parents understand the importance of communication and help them learn how to best talk with their baby.

One of the subjects covered in Community Memorial Health System’s (CMHS) ongoing Baby & Me six-week class series is how infants communicate and how their early communication skills develop.  Your baby is ready to communicate with you right from the start!

At CMHS, we want parents to feel empowered by recognizing the ways their baby is trying to communicate with them.  The goal for this class is for parents to understand the importance of communication and learn how to talk “parentese” instead of “baby talk.”  This topic will be featured at the next Baby & Me class on May 22.  New parents are welcome to attend this class only or sign up for the entire six-week Baby & Me series.

Did you know babies are ready to communicate with parents right from birth?

Highlights of Communication Development Class:

  • Learn your baby’s cues and signals, including body language
  • Participate in interactive activities with your baby to help you recognize your baby’s skills and how they are trying to respond to you through sound
  • Explore first conversations
  • Explore baby sign language

Did you know?  Babies are ready to communicate with parents right from birth and are willing participants in communication from the get-go!  Babies use many ways to communicate, such as color changes and body language.

Baby & Me classes are held on Tuesdays from 10-11:30 a.m. at the CMHS New Parent Resource Center.  Moms who deliver at CMH may attend one class for free.  CLICK HERE for class dates, times, location information, and fees.  For questions, email newparentresourcecenter@cmhshealth.org or call the New Parent Resource Center at 805-658-BABY (2229).