Construction of Ojai’s New Continuing Care Center Moves Closer to Completion

Construction of the NEW Continuing Care Center (CCC) at Ojai Valley Community Hospital (OVCH) continues to move forward!  Significant portions of the building’s, terra cotta tiled roof, a key component of Ojai’s iconic Spanish-style architecture, are complete and the remainder of the roofing is underway.  The expansive main entrance – complete with vaulted ceilings and an abundance of natural light – is beginning to take shape, and dry wall is going up throughout patient rooms and hallways.

The Continuing Care Center’s main entrance features vaulted ceilings and an abundance of natural light.

Windows in some wings have been installed, and in other spaces, charming archways have been created to allow for outdoor access and views of the courtyards and gardens.  The beauty of this new facility and the impact it will have on the community of Ojai becomes more and more evident as the project moves closer to completion.

What is the Continuing Care Center?

The CCC is Ojai Valley Community Hospital’s Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), and when it opens, it will replace the hospital’s current SNF, which was built over 50 years ago.  Skilled nursing care is an inpatient level of medical care that must be provided by trained individuals such as registered nurses and physical, speech, and occupational therapists.

Arches line one wing of the CCC, giving patients and residents expansive views of the courtyards as well as access to outdoor spaces.

These services can be necessary over the short term for rehabilitation from injury or illness, or they may be required on a more long-term basis for patients who need around-the-clock care due to a chronic medical condition. Key requirements of all skilled nursing facilities include:

  • Supervision of every patient by a physician
  • An MD available on an emergency basis 24/7
  • Maintenance of condition and care records for every patient
  • 24/7 nursing services
  • Employment of Registered Nurses (RNs)
  • Appropriate facilities for the storage and disposal of drugs and biologics
  • Compliance with all state licensing requirements

What Services are Offered at the Continuing Care Center?

The Continuing Care Center is Ojai Valley Community Hospital’s Distinct Part SNF, meaning that it operates under the same license as the acute care hospital.  It is the only non-profit SNF in the Ojai Valley and is also the only one associated with a hospital.  Services offered include:

  • Long-term skilled nursing care for those not able to be independent, but who require 24/7 nursing care due to their medical condition.
  • Rehabilitation services including Physical, Respiratory, Occupational and Speech Therapy for inpatients and outpatients.

CCC patients and residents also have the benefit of close proximity to the acute care hospital, should the need for hospitalization arise.

Our New Continuing Care Center

Ojai Valley Community Hospital’s existing Continuing Care Center is a 66-bed, 18,165 square foot building.  Upon completion, the new building’s 41,934 square feet will house 75 beds, significantly expanded physical therapy, dietary support, and nursing support areas, and nearly 12 times the activity space and outdoor courtyard space.

The CCC’s terracotta tile roof is an iconic feature of Ojai’s Spanish-style architecture.

Residents of the new CCC can look forward to modern, spacious rooms, with one or two patients to each room.  The new center will have seven private rooms, and 68 two-bed rooms.  Patient rooms will be arranged into four wings, each with its own nursing staff and a mixture of private and semi-private rooms.

“Although private rooms are the standard in acute care hospitals, semi-private rooms are actually preferred in skilled nursing facilities,” said Haady Lashkari, Ojai Valley Community Hospital’s Chief Administrative Officer.  “Shared space helps to address the sociological needs of longer-term patients.”

The new CCC is 41,934 square feet and will house 75 beds.

Certainly those of us “of a certain age,” or whose parents are aging, can appreciate the vital role the new, modern CCC will play in the community of Ojai.  But why is it important to the rest of us?

If you’ve ever used the Ojai Valley Community Hospital Emergency Department, outpatient lab services, X-ray, Physical Therapy services or pharmacy, or have been an inpatient for medical treatments or surgical procedures, you understand the value and convenience of having these services available close to home.  But even if you’ve never set foot on the OVCH campus, having these services available in town lends a certain amount of security to living in a rural area like the Ojai Valley.  What many people don’t know is that the CCC helps make the availability of these services possible.

The CCC is nationally recognized for exceptional care, and as a result, maintains an average 90% occupancy rate.  This patient volume produces revenue that offsets the costs incurred by the Emergency Department, Outpatient Services, and Acute Care Hospital – keeping them available to residents of, and visitors to, the Ojai Valley.  In this way, the new Continuing Care Center provides an increased level of security regarding the viability of many healthcare services provided by OVCH, making it an extremely valuable asset for everyone in our community!