CMHS Environmental Services Team Members Earn Special Certifications

Nine members of the Community Memorial Health System Environmental Services (EVS) Team recently earned the CHEST Certification – a significant and valuable achievement for environmental services frontline workers!

Community Memorial Health System CHEST Certification holders (L to R) Karely Osuna, Leticia Candejas, Karla Ochoa, Frolian Fierros – Gomez, Adriana Garcia, Salvador Lopez, Maria Madrigal, Brandon Mancilla, and Adan Alvarez.

The proper care and maintenance of the healthcare environment plays an essential role in delivering the best patient experience, as well as in ensuring patient safety and satisfaction.  As demonstrated by their commitment to this certification process, the Community Memorial Health System EVS team strives to go above and beyond cleaning, disinfecting and caring for the environment by seeking to create quiet, healing atmospheres that lead to improved patient outcomes.

Members of the Community Memorial Health System EVS team supported their peers as CHEST certificates were awarded.

The CHEST (Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Technician) is recognized by the American Hospital Association as the gold-standard in EVS training curriculum.  The program covers all aspects of a frontline environmental services technician’s typical tasks and accountabilities including infection prevention, isolation room disinfection, caring for specialty areas, and creating superior patient experiences.  In addition to positively impacting patient outcomes, the CHEST training and certification has the potential to decrease infection rates and costs, while enhancing quality of care.

CHEST Certificate recipient Adriana Garcia (L) receives a hug of congratulations from friend and co-worker Veronica Rendon.

Our EVS team members participated in training lectures covering the CHEST curriculum and devoted countless hours to studying the material and demonstrating competency before taking the CHEST certification exam.  We celebrated their dedication to professional development and superior patient care with a certification ceremony and lunch party at CMH in Ventura.  Each team member who passed the exam was presented with his or her certificate and congratulated by their CHEST instructors, EVS management, members of the CMHS leadership team, and their peers.

Please join us in congratulating and thanking this dedicated group of Environmental Services Technicians for their achievement and commitment to Community Memorial Health System!

CHEST certificate recipient Frolian Fierros-Gomez (L) and co-worker Alfonso Novoa celebrate after the certificate presentation.