Ventura Family of Physicians Cares for CMH Patients for Over 100 Years

Four Generations from Woodburn Family Devote Their Careers to Medicine

Physicians from the Woodburn family have been taking care of patients at Community Memorial Hospital for over 100 years – 105 years combined to be exact – and they are proud to share that legacy of service with the newest fourth-generation family member to become a doctor.

Dr. Julie Woodburn Hein, 29, is an obstetrician-gynecologist who is completing her residency training at UCLA.  As part of her residency, Julie, who graduated from Ventura High School and was a junior volunteer at CMH as a teen, joined the CMH staff for six weeks through January.  At CMH she has performed surgeries with the gynecology and oncology teams.  Julie will complete her residency in June 2019 and plans to work as a community-based OB-GYN, taking care of patients just like her dad, uncle, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Julie’s great-grandfather, the late Dr. Lemuel Ansel Woodburn, was the first in the family to practice medicine.  Born in 1891, Lemuel graduated from medical school in 1921 and worked as a family doctor in Urbana, Ohio, a small rural town where he made house calls, often taking along his son James II.  Lemuel passed away in 1968.

Inspired by his dad, James II, now 91, attended New York Medical College.  He returned to Ohio for his residency training in general surgery and moved to Ventura in 1972, joining the CMH staff that year as a general surgeon.  James II and his late wife, Audrey, have three sons and a daughter, with two sons, Jame III and Doug, becoming general surgeons as well.  Doug joined the CMH medical staff in 1988 and James III came on board in 1989.  The brothers used to love visiting their dad while he was working and they grew up around the medical community, becoming inspired to follow in his footsteps.

Together James II and sons James III and Doug Woodburn have cared for thousands of patients at CMH for a combined 105 years.  They are thrilled that Julie, James III’s daughter, chose a career in medicine as well and is helping CMH patients.  A highlight of Julie’s time at CMH came during the first week of January when Julie and her Dad performed surgery together, with her grandfather assisting in the operating room.

“It makes me very proud to be part of a family of physicians over four generations and I’m thrilled that my daughter is continuing our legacy,” James III said.  “Seeing her work at CMH has been exciting for the entire Woodburn family.”

Julie said she has wanted to become a doctor since she was a child.  “I’m a chip off the old block, what can I say,” she said jokingly.

James III’s wife Kay Woodburn added, “Jim likes to take care of patients and he has truly enjoyed being a doctor in a community where he has gotten to know and follow his patients for many years.  Julie worked in our office between college and medical school and she wanted to go into a branch of medicine where she could get to know and follow her patients for many years also.”

CMH would like to thank the Woodburn family for their commitment to CMH, their patients, and their community.  And, who knows…maybe Julie’s baby daughter Audrey will become the fifth generation of Woodburns to become a doctor and join the CMH staff as well.