Daisy Award Winner Honored at Community Memorial Hospital

Community Memorial Health System is proud to announce our 2017 2nd Quarter DAISY Award winner – Joceline Lam, RN!

Created in 1999, the DAISY Award is a very special recognition that honors extraordinary nurses who demonstrate clinical expertise, provide skillful, compassionate care, and go above and beyond for patients and family members.

Joceline Lam is a Critical Care Nurse at Community Memorial Hospital who was nominated for the DAISY award by the daughter of a CCU patient who was extremely afraid of hospitals. Joceline’s kindness, care, and attention eased the patient’s fears and made her feel like she was in great hands. The patient’s family attributes much of her ability to recover to the care and reassurance Joceline provided.

If you would like to nominate an extraordinary nurse from Community Memorial Health System for providing exemplary care, please visit our DAISY Award nomination page by clicking here.