Community Memorial Hospital Brings Ancient Geometry to New Public Park – Ventura

A unique and powerful element has been added to the public park that is taking shape in front of the new Community Memorial Hospital.  Over the course of roughly two weeks in June, a small crew of four talented artisans laid an ancient geometric pattern on a concrete slab at the center of the park, creating a walkable and handicap accessible labyrinth designed to be enjoyed by patients, family members, physicians, staff, and members of the community.

According to the labyrinth’s creator, Chuck Hunner of Asheville, NC, the 800 year old labyrinth pattern is a proportionate replica of the labyrinth from the floor of the Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France.  It’s beautiful from any angle, and is said to have been developed using sacred geometry.  Hunner, a former jeweler who began drawing and constructing labyrinths in 1998, believes that walking a labyrinth can be a metaphor for one’s journey through life.

“Once you enter the labyrinth, there are no dead ends and no wrong turns,” he says.  “As long as you keep going, you’ll always find your way to the center and you’ll always find your way back out.”  Labyrinths can also promote relaxation, concentration, and a sense of peace; making them an ideal addition to hospital gardens and campuses.

The CMH labyrinth in one of only three labyrinths in Ventura, and Hunner hopes it will help those who walk it to experience a sense of calmness, but also a sense of joy.

“I’m fulfilling a passion in my life,” Hunner says.  “My passion is to expand happiness.”

Hunner’s team included Sean Marshall of Ventura, and David and Nina Blonski of North Carolina.  We captured their work in this incredible aerial time-lapse video.