CMHS Surgeons Re-create New Yorker Cover

Women surgeons at CMH

An artist recently created the cover art "Operating Theater" for the New Yorker’s Health, Medicine, and the Body issue, depicting a patient’s final view before going under anesthesia: a team of female surgeons.

“When I saw ‘Operating Theater’ by Malika Favre on the cover, I was struck not only by the beautiful image, but by the depiction of a female surgeon and her team — a sight that is not commonplace,” says Susan Pitt, an endocrine surgeon at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, whose surgical team was among the first to recreate the image.

Like Pitt, women surgeons around the world were inspired by the New Yorker cover and created their own photos in the image of the cover art. A female surgeon team at CMHS, Drs. Lauren Pulido, Olga Garcia, Kelley Fairbairn, Ashley Lamb and Constance Rayhrer, responded by recreating their own version of the inspirational art.